Building your new home in Perth: single or double storey – which one is better?

Moving forward and owning a new home is truly one of the most exciting events in one’s life. But before building your first home, you first need to make up your mind on whether a single or double-storey living suits your needs and lifestyle. Choosing between one or two-floor living can be challenging especially to first-time would-be buyers – they often get confused as to which one would best accommodate their way of living and needs.

In recent years, two-storey houses have become so popular because of the many benefits this type of house provides. This is also the reason why companies such as double storey home builder Vision One Homes are so popular in Perth these days. But is a two-storey home really more advantageous than a single storey one? Let’s find out!

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Single Storey vs Double Storey Homes

Advantages of double-storey homes

One obvious benefit of two-storey homes is that it allows you to maximise the capacity of your land area. By having a two-floor house, you get two times floor space without using some areas for your garden or swimming pool.

Another advantage of two-storey homes is that they normally have less building cost. Building up instead of building out can add extra amenities for your house for a lesser cost. When you build up rather than building out, you also save some money for roofing.

Advantages of single storey homes

On the other hand, there are also a few advantages of single-storey houses. One of which is the comfort you get from being able to have higher ceilings which double floors can give you. Who doesn’t love high ceilings?

The second advantage of single-storey houses is you don’t have to provide more bathrooms for the second floor since everything is all on the same level. This can save a significant amount of money when constructing your home as we all know how expensive bathrooms are nowadays. So whether you’ve already decided to go with a double or single-floor house, the best way to ensure that you get everything you want in your new home is to work with a reputable home builder that specialises in the type of floor plan you want.