Dealing with Unemployment

Losing a job is tough especially when you love it and that is the only source of your income. Naturally, people who lost their jobs slipped into self pity for a bit. They look for ways to find happiness on some other activities that make them feel better. But as good as those activities feel, you’ll realise you won’t find a new job once you’ve done doing those things.

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Losing your job

Immediately after you’ve been let go by your old boss, you may find your self experiencing a range of emotions. You might experience panic as you’ll no longer be receiving regular pay checks. You might also experience exhilaration since you will have a life without a set of regular routine. Or, you might feel that you’ve wasted a lot of your time that you devoted to your former job. But rather than getting caught up in each of these negative emotions, you should realise that these things are normal and they can happen to anyone. Hence, what’s the best thing to do is to move on and focus on the future.

The initial loss of a job is stressful, and it usually makes us lose our clarity and focus on planning the next steps. However, you don’t have to descend into an anxiety spiral. There are always options, and the key is to let yourself have the time and space to determine what those are.

Fighting against the stressful of joblessness does not have to be complicated. Take your time to gather all of your contacts off of your computer, so you can send a thoughtful email once you get your footing again. Talk to them and perhaps one of your friends can help you find a new and better job.

If you have outstanding debts, talk to your bank or any other organisation you owe money to. Tell them you’re having financial difficulties and want to discuss repayment arrangements.

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