Dealing with Unemployment

Losing a job is tough especially when you love it and that is the only source of your income. Naturally, people who lost their jobs slipped into self pity for a bit. They look for ways to find happiness on some other activities that make them feel better. But as good as those activities feel, you’ll realise you won’t find a new job once you’ve done doing those things.

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Losing your job

Immediately after you’ve been let go by your old boss, you may find your self experiencing a range of emotions. You might experience panic as you’ll no longer be receiving regular pay checks. You might also experience exhilaration since you will have a life without a set of regular routine. Or, you might feel that you’ve wasted a lot of your time that you devoted to your former job. But rather than getting caught up in each of these negative emotions, you should realise that these things are normal and they can happen to anyone. Hence, what’s the best thing to do is to move on and focus on the future.

The initial loss of a job is stressful, and it usually makes us lose our clarity and focus on planning the next steps. However, you don’t have to descend into an anxiety spiral. There are always options, and the key is to let yourself have the time and space to determine what those are.

Fighting against the stressful of joblessness does not have to be complicated. Take your time to gather all of your contacts off of your computer, so you can send a thoughtful email once you get your footing again. Talk to them and perhaps one of your friends can help you find a new and better job.

If you have outstanding debts, talk to your bank or any other organisation you owe money to. Tell them you’re having financial difficulties and want to discuss repayment arrangements.

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Building your new home in Perth: single or double storey – which one is better?

Moving forward and owning a new home is truly one of the most exciting events in one’s life. But before building your first home, you first need to make up your mind on whether a single or double-storey living suits your needs and lifestyle. Choosing between one or two-floor living can be challenging especially to first-time would-be buyers – they often get confused as to which one would best accommodate their way of living and needs.

In recent years, two-storey houses have become so popular because of the many benefits this type of house provides. This is also the reason why companies such as double storey home builder Vision One Homes are so popular in Perth these days. But is a two-storey home really more advantageous than a single storey one? Let’s find out!

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Single Storey vs Double Storey Homes

Advantages of double-storey homes

One obvious benefit of two-storey homes is that it allows you to maximise the capacity of your land area. By having a two-floor house, you get two times floor space without using some areas for your garden or swimming pool.

Another advantage of two-storey homes is that they normally have less building cost. Building up instead of building out can add extra amenities for your house for a lesser cost. When you build up rather than building out, you also save some money for roofing.

Advantages of single storey homes

On the other hand, there are also a few advantages of single-storey houses. One of which is the comfort you get from being able to have higher ceilings which double floors can give you. Who doesn’t love high ceilings?

The second advantage of single-storey houses is you don’t have to provide more bathrooms for the second floor since everything is all on the same level. This can save a significant amount of money when constructing your home as we all know how expensive bathrooms are nowadays. So whether you’ve already decided to go with a double or single-floor house, the best way to ensure that you get everything you want in your new home is to work with a reputable home builder that specialises in the type of floor plan you want.

Top 10 Tips To Take Your Brand From Good To Great

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Building brand in small and medium-sized business niche might be even more critical than it is for larger corporations. That is the truth even though creating brand marketing strategy for a home based business might sound too “corporate” for some.

Naturally, when we are talking about building a brand on a small business niche, it’s not on the same scale as corporations do, but the brand marketing strategy is literally the same. Building a brand is not difficult, but it doesn’t happen overnight.

The social media is an excellent platform to build your brand especially if you are a people person. To build your small business’ brand, keep in mind that social media can be a huge timewaster, so plan some time for it, do it within that time and move on to other things. Be efficient and remember how you would like to be seen online. Always remember that you are building a brand for yourself, so act accordingly.

Another great way to build your brand is by blogging. What makes this strategy ideal for your small business is that it is easy to set up. Build a simple WordPress blog, pick a nice looking theme and start adding content. To make your blog more visible to your target audience, you may use Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

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Is Google broken? Where’s the relevancy for local business listings?

Image result for broken google Getting your business standout to local consumers through local business listings can give you a number of advantages. There are many local businesses in Perth that are dependent upon the local geography for their revenue. If you are not using local business listings as an additional marketing tool to reach consumers then you are missing out on a significant local marketing tool.

What makes local listing an excellent marketing platform is that it shows up on the first page of search results, mobile searches, and in mobile applications. Moreover, this local marketing tool is free so you really can’t ignore this. If you are able to manage your listings, your local listings will show up in these various search results. You can achieve this by entering your marketing information.

By no means, local listings basically start and end with Google. Also, this process may be free, but you need to bear in mind that this is not a one-time process. You have to manage these listings – you need to update your keywords, photos (products, services, company), videos (TV commercials and others), coupons (discounts, offers) and events (promotions) on a regular basis.

If you use local listing, you are dependent upon your local consumers for revenue. Local business does not just mean small business or franchise business but also includes national companies that have a presence in local markets.

However, according to an article published by Smart Company Australia, Google has issues when it comes to local listings.

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Financial Planning: Self Managed Super Funds in Perth

Today, more and more Australians are convinced that having a Self Managed Super Funds is better when it comes to financial security. To gain assets, some prefer choosing to start a self managed super fund since this method is a lot less costly than industry super funds. To do an SMSF, you need to ask a professional like an accountant to guide you. Some who have chosen to do this strategy on their own have failed so it’s better to minimise errors.

self managed super funds in Perth

There are so many rewards you can get when you run SMSF. Do you want to take full control of your fund? With SMSF, taking total control is not a problem at all. Furthermore, you also got more investment options; for instance, your choice of shares, managing your funds, unchanging interest and also property reliance. With SMSF, you are the administrator which means you must need to know everything about the investment to give you the utmost benefit or you may hire yourself a good and reliable investment broker or adviser.

For you to be able to get the best return from your SMSF, you need to make sure that you have the best rates possible. Keep an eye on fund’s balance. In terms of interest rates, you need to update yourself on what other organisations might offer. In some cases, banks can offer better interest rates so it would be smarter to move and invest your funds.

Another important thing to consider is timing. Perfect timing is very crucial when it comes to SMSF investing. You need to review your strategies, know when the right time is so that you will be able to maximise all investments.

15 tips to start earning money doing what you love, from people who have done it

Practically, every one of us has his or her own hobby/hobbies. Some of us love to play sports, to paint, to sing, to dance, or making crafts. However, not all of us know how to make money from the things that we naturally love doing; with the right guidance, they can convert these very hobbies into a profitable and money making business. So, if you have a hobby you are passionate about, you need to study and look for some tips on how you can monetise your passion.

The first thing you can probably do is to focus on a hobby you genuinely love pursuing. Don’t choose a hobby if your goal is just to make money from it but for the love of it. For example, if you love playing basketball, you could start giving coaching classes for kids and if you like writing, you could write some articles for a magazine, newspaper, or your own blog.

Do not force yourself into making money from hobbies. You will slowly, and not overnight, start making enough money to consider leaving your day job and to pursue only your money making hobby.

Creativity is an important key when making money from your hobby. If you don’t actually have a hobby, but want to make money from home, you just have to think of something you can do but others can’t. This way you are sure they will be willing to pay you for the craft, skill or services you have to offer.

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Video Production in Perth: Why video quality matters a lot!

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So you and your business partners have already decided to have your video produced. But before you engage in your video production project, it is very important for you to know that choosing the right video production company is crucial; choosing the right one can make or break the show.

For every Perth video production, the overall quality the video production company gives you will determine where your video falls on a scale between powerful and effective or weak and useless no matter how great the subject or script is.

How do you know what to look for when choosing a good production service? More than just the type of equipment used to complete the subject, or the price being charged by the company, video quality should be determined by far. There are many reasons why quality is important when it comes to video production.

Video quality is important. Just imagine showing your audience with a video of low quality. What will happen? Of course, they will have trouble focusing on your message. Without all of the elements of quality in your video, it will not achieve the results you are looking for.

On the other hand, when you use high-quality videos, your audience is less likely to notice it. Instead, he or she will notice the content of your video. The message you wanted to share to them is easily absorbed.

Producing high-quality videos does not always mean that you need to hire more expensive companies in your local area. Sometimes spending some time doing research on a number of companies and choose the best one you think that has the skill and experience to provide you with high-quality video.


In case you are looking for tips on how to remove mould and mildew from your commercial refrigerators, read our post right here.

Commercial Refrigeration Perth: Mould & Mildew Cleaning Tips

Nowadays, commercial refrigeration appliances make up an integral part of any catering, and food & beverage preparation establishments. These units are used as storage equipment. Without them, food and drink business would end up spending more by buying ingredients on a daily basis, or worse, per hour basis.

Commercial Refrigeration PerthIn order to prolong the life of your commercial refrigerators, regular maintenance is extremely important; they are expensive and are sometimes sensitive so they require proper care. One excellent way of maintaining your commercial fridges or freezers is by cleaning it. Regular commercial refrigeration cleaning will not only prolong your appliance’s life, but it will also promote health and food safety for your customers. Keeping your customers safe is an absolute must as they are the ones that actually keep your business alive.

Mould and mildew are among the most common issues in refrigerators that are not regularly cleaned. These two are annoying fungi that live and reproduce in moist place (they are normally seen in deep-seated corners of your commercial refrigerators). In addition to that, these can also spoil your food and can bring diseases to the ones who will eat your food.

Keep in mind that your refrigerators are where you store your beverages and food products which your customers will ingest. Therefore, you need to get rid of mould and mildew because storing food in a fungi-infested fridge will pose a dangerous threat to both your business and to the health of your customers.

Commercial Refrigeration Compressors in Perth

Do you know what commercial refrigeration compressors are? How about replacing fridge compressors? 

Refrigeration compressors are specialised compressors that are used in refrigeration equipment, heaters and air conditioners. There is a smaller and portable type of compressors, but they do not fall into this category because they cannot be used in larger-scale such as in business functions. Commercial refrigeration compressors are designed to be the core of industrial and air conditioning system. They are large mechanical units that are used in larger buildings.

COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION PERTHThere are 3 major types of commercial refrigeration compressors – the screw compressor, the scroll compressor, and the piston compressor or also known as the reciprocating compressor. Where can we find these compressors?

Commercial refrigeration units have compressors. These appliances are very helpful to businessmen especially in restaurants, coffee shops, hotels and clubs. Industries such as meat supply and pharmaceutics also depend on such type of commercial appliances to ensure that their products are in good shape for a long period of time. Without commercial fridges and freezers, these companies won’t be able to succeed with their business.

Some larger commercial refrigeration compressors, on the other hand, can be found in some special type of appliances. They are used not for storage and transit purposes but they are usually used as a temperature control system. However, they are also very important to a lot of businesses in providing quality service and satisfaction to customers.

Trustworthiness & Insurance — 2 important traits a Cleaning Company in Perth should have

Your office needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Creating a clean office ambience is crucial for your productivity as well as your employees. When people work in a clean workplace, the quantity of tension that workers can have dramatically decreased so the workgroup tends to be a whole lot more productive.

cleaning company in perthMany businesses employ cleaning company in Perth instead of employing full-time janitors for their maintenance of cleanliness. This saves them some money and ensures that every corner of the office is cleaned professionally.

On the other hand, it is extremely crucial for you as a businessman to pick the right commercial cleaner to work with and whom you can trust. Thus, spend some time and effort on asking a couple of friends for advice and doing some research about the best office cleaners in Perth for you to be able to pick the best and get exactly what is worth your cash.

What are the signs of a reliable cleaning firm? One of the most important things to look for a cleaning company is its insurance coverage. Always ask the company to provide you with proof of insurance. This will give you an assurance that your company is shielded from liabilities inside the occasion that the cleaning team damages any of your objects or causes any harm to your employees while cleaning.

Dependability and insurance are two of the most important things to consider when looking for a cleaning company to hire. If you found a company that has these two traits, then hiring their service can be a smart choice.


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