Rhinoplasty surgery procedure to give a desired look to your nose

The word Rhinoplasty has been derived from two Greek words Rhino means “Nose” and Plasty means “act or process of forming”. So in simple words, we can say that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves the reshaping or re-forming of the nose. Before digging deeper into the topic, we should first understand the main types of plastic surgeries and their ultimate outcomes too. For the ease of understanding, we can broadly divide plastic surgery into the following 2 types.

Reconstructive Plastic Surgery (Performed to do the reconstruction or correction work on the skin on affected parts of the body such as facial burns, traumatic injuries, arms and legs fractures, etc.)

  • · Cosmetic or Aesthetic Surgery (It is in fact a type of plastic surgery that is performed for cosmetic purposes such as to give the desired look to your nose, eyebrows, cheekbones, jawline, etc.)

rhinoplasty surgery procedure

What exactly the Rhinoplasty surgery procedure is?

For the sake of simplicity, the following are a few east steps that involve the Rhinoplasty surgery procedure.

  • · – Nose job is done as an outpatient procedure, which means that you do not have to stay at the hospital overnight.
  • · – Both local and general anesthesia can be given according to the severity or complication of the surgical operation.
  • · – General anesthesia will make you sleep during the operation. On the contrary, local anesthesia will not make you sleep at all.
  • · – After giving anesthesia, a surgeon makes cuts within the nostrils and also across the base of the nose if needed.
  • · – This procedure of cutting the nostrils enables a rhinoplastic surgeon to the cartilage and inner bone of the nose according to your wish.


Why Rhinoplasty surgery is performed?

Rhinoplasty surgery procedure is performed to give the desired look to your very own nose. This procedure enables you to get a nose shape and size according to your own will. Rhinoplasty can either performed for cosmetic purposes (to graft a burnt skin tissue with fresh body tissue)or also due to medical reasons such as birth defects, breathing abnormalities and many more to name of.


Who performs Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Rhinoplastic surgeons are the ones who perform this cosmetic surgical procedure. A highly professional equipped with state of the art surgical instruments can really make this surgical operation a painless and less complicated.

Is this surgery a safe bet for you?

This answer to this question is definitely a big “YES”, the reason being the modern surgical procedures, instruments their precision and accuracy as well. If performed by a highly trained and professional rhinoplasty, then you minimize the chances of any complication during and after the surgery literally down to zero levels. So if you are willing to give your nose a look and feel according to your own free will, then this surgery is ideally meant for you.


In conclusion, we can say that rhinoplasty surgery procedure ensures that you get a nose that is according to your own desire and free will in an effective and safe manner.


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