Savings surge as Australia passes two million solar-powered homes

Saving our energy bill is the number one benefit of building a solar home energy system. The good news is that converting your home into a solar home doesn’t have to be expensive as many used to believe and it has many affordable options.

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Patrick Mair installed a large solar system at his home.

Solar energy technologies can supply for several different purposes. Passive solar design can provide heating, cooling and natural light for your home. Solar electricity options can be used on home appliances. One of the best advantages of solar power is the solar water heating that can provide hot water options for laundry and other general household water usage such as showers, cooking, cleaning, etc.

However, you should keep in mind that it is important to consider which solar energy options are most efficient, and the most cost-effective for your situation when planning a solar home.

Independence is another benefit of having a solar powered home in Perth. Even if you live in the remote tropical island, deserts or mountains, you can still have power. With solar power system, you don’t have to rely on the utility grid. You also will no longer experience blackouts in your area during those long summer months of electrical overloads can keep your family cool and calm in the summertime. This assumes you have planned your home solar energy production to match or exceed your home energy usage.

Moreover, solar power systems require less maintenance. There is little maintenance to keep the system going except to remove leaves and dust off the solar panels to maximise solar absorption. You may also be required to cut back nearby tree branches to handle the leaves and minimise any shade on your solar cells but it is not much of a burden.

Using solar panel systems for homes is increasing in a dramatic rate here in Australia. With the many advantages it brings, it is no longer a surprise. Read more at: